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About TOK

TOK Headquarters was established in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, Australia. We are a fully registered company in Australia, and we have been providing high quality and professional advice for students and their parents who would are interested in studying in Australia.


At TOK, we do not only provide help students applying to different schools but also study tours and study abroad services. When students have completed their studies, they often seek professional immigration and investment pathways advice from us to live in Australia permanently. 


Katie and Paul To, the founders of TOK, moved to Australia since 1998, beginning their Australian journey as foreign students. Therefore, they are very familiar with the challenges and difficulties that international students have to face in Australia. Those experiences become the seeds of TOK establishment, helping overseas students in better adapt to the Australian culture. 


All TOK education consultants are registered study consultant of Qualified Education Agent Counsellor-PIER in Australia. TOK has direct contact with Australian schools; therefore, we can provide reliable, timely and accurate advice to our clients.


Since we have in-depth knowledge and experience in education and immigration services, we help our clients to plan ahead if they are interested in living Australia permanently.  We have registered business, and real estate agents (REIQ), registered lawyers (Queensland Law Society),  qualified accountants (CPA/CA) and registered migration consultants (MARA) available to ensure your journey in Australia will cater for your current and future needs and compliant all Australian Government regulations for immigration purpose.



Please talk to us! Don't be shy! We welcome all sort of questions. Contact us via email, WeChat, Line or Facebook, tell us your story, then we will find out the best way to help you achieve your Aussie dream! 

Everybody has a different situation and goals. Start your journey by contacting us. We value all inquiries and will always respond as soon as we can.

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