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It is common for people to think that since Australia, Great Britain and the U.S. share the same culture. That is only because you have not been to Australia yet. Speaking the same language does not mean the culture and customs of each nation are also the same. 


Undertaking an English course is one of the easiest ways to understand and to adapt yourself into the Australian culture. Australia has one of the best ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) and ESL education sectors in the world. It is carefully regulated by the Australian government with strict standards for colleges to follow. Through our partnered language schools, you can learn the most local Australian English,  expand your social circles and network through a variety of school activities, and build a solid foundation for your future life in Australia. 



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English Language Courses in Australia

The length of the course should not be too long or too short. Depending on your English level,  6-12 weeks is a suitable range.


Australian language schools will arrange activities related to Australian local culture and knowledge of Australian English in the curriculum. Many students will consider going to a language school before working on vacation, simply because if you do not have any understanding of the Australian customs and culture, it would greatly limit your work and travel options in the future.


Student Visa

If you are only planning to study for less than 3 months, you do not need to apply for a separate student visa, a tourist visa is sufficient. A working holiday visa can only take courses that do not exceed 4 months.


TOK also offers short-term study tours, please feel free to contact us, and one of our study abroad consultants will contact you immediately.


(This is the current government regulation, immigration policy may change at any time, please remember to confirm with us before departure).

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