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Living in Australia

The Australian Government's immigration policy changes from time to time; therefore, it is extremely important for you to be prepared ahead and make sure the information you provide is timely and accurate in order for us to assess your eligibility to permanent residency.


Before contacting us, you can prepare the latest resume (please provide: age, education, work background and English level) so that our immigration consultants and lawyers can provide the most accurate and reliable migration assessment to you.


The most popular migration pathways for TOK students and clients are:


Indepedent Skilled Migration


Employer Sponsorship


Spouse/Partner Sponsorship


Australia's immigration policy is subjected to change. Students are advised to pay attention to the immigration policy at all times because once it changes, the old regulations will no longer apply. At TOK, we always advise our clients to plan and apply for a permanent visa ASAP, as it does not get any easier...only harder. An example of things you could prepare in advance is achieving IETLS 7 before you graduate.


Our team of experienced registered migration agents and lawyer can advise the best Australian visa for your situation – be that a business or skilled worker visa, family visa or partner visa. We help you through the entire process, saving you time, money and worry.


TOK strives to go the extra mile in providing more than just visa services. We always provide financial and investment management service to help you settle into your new life. After all, attaining a permanent visa is only the first step, and future life is the most important.

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