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Studying in Australia

All course information and school/visa fees are legal and open to the public because TOK only works with schools that are legally registered with the Australian Government! Students' tuition fees are directly remitted to schools. TOK does not collect tuition fees on their behalf. Information in regards to course structure, dates and fees are detailed out on our letter of advice, which we will clearly explain everything to our students, so there is no ambiguity!


TOK provides tailor-made packages to each student because every situation, needs and background are different. TOK is a legally registered company and consultant group in Australia, therefore, we do not charge students for school agency fee, we receive service fee payment from the school instead.  Please rest assured that you do not need to worry about TOK's service quality and integrity.


Everybody has a different situation and goals.

Please contact us 1-3 months ahead before applying to school and visa.



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